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Time Delays - ICM Bypass Timers Series 175

Low pressure or oil switch bypass during startup, ideal for low ambient startups, integral component for “winter start” kits...
The Series 175 may be used as an integral component in “winter start kits”, ideal for bypassing switches and for low ambient startups.
• 18-240 VAC operation
• Extends on-time switch closures
• Knob-adjustable delays: .01-1,000 sec.
• Precise digital timing circuitry
• One model replaces several in field
• Compact 2” x 2” package
• Epoxy-encapsulated circuitry
recognized: E53944 certified: LR 30320
• Used to bypass a control or device during startup. Typically used to bypass a low pressure switch during compressor heat pump
startup or to bypass an oil pressure switch upon startup. Ideal in low ambient conditions. Integral component for “winter start’ kits.
Helps to eliminate nuisance lockouts.
With power applied to the input, the load is energized immediately and remains energized for the length of the time delay. At the
end of the time delay, the condition of the load is determined by the state of the bypassed switch.
• Control voltage: 18-240 VAC
• Frequency: 50/60 Hz
• Power consumption: 3 watts max.
• Ratings: max. 1 amp, min. 40 μa, inrush 10 amps
• Voltage drop: 2.5 V max. @ 1 amp
• Leakage current: 5 μa max. @ 240 VAC
Time Delay
• Type: knob adjustable
• Range: 10-1,000 sec.
• Tolerance: 20% of selected time
Mechanical Mounting: surface mount using (1) #8 or #10 screw
• Operating temperature: -40° to +75°C, -40° to +167°F
• Transient protection: meets IEEE 587 standards for categories A & B without false output or degradation. (6Kv 0.5 μs x 100 KHz
ring wave)(6Kv 1.2 x 50 μs impulse wave)
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