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Parts For HVAC Upflow Units

There are two main types of furnaces: upflow and downflow furnaces. Both types work basically the same way: Fuel (usually natural gas) is burnt within a heat exchanger, which produces heat. At the same time, a fan blows air over the heat exchanger, which warms the air. Then, the warm air is blown through ducts to the rooms in the house.
Downflow furnaces take advantage of the fact that heat rises naturally. In downflow furnaces, cool air enters the top of the unit, where it is heated, then it exits the furnace at the bottom. The warm air then enters the home through floor heating vents, where it rises to fill the rooms with warmth.
Downflow furnaces are usually installed in the main room of a house, and not the basement like upflow furnaces are.

These 95% upflow / downflow mobile home furnaces will save you money on your gas bill (or propane bill). Lower utility costs are achieved because these high efficiency furnaces put more heat into your home, and very little heat out the chimney.

These furnaces can be used for an upflow or downflow configuration. Downflow means the unit stands vertically (upright) and blows the warm air directly down out the bottom of the unit.

These furnaces can be used for an upflow or horizontal-flow configuration. Upflow means the unit stands vertically (upright) and blows the warm air up from the top of the furnace. Horizontal flow means the unit installs horizontally (on its side) and blows the warm air sideways.

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