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ICM Single Phase Line Monitors Series 491

High/low voltage protection for single phase systems, 95-270 VAC operation, adjustable anti-short cycle timer, ultra low
The Series 490 was specifically designed guard equipment against damage caused under/over voltage and rapid system recycling.
Low cost single phase equipment protection
Protects against:
-Over/under voltage conditions
-Rapid system recycling
LED Indication (continuous under normal conditions)
Heavy Duty SPDT 8 amp Relay Output (isolated contacts)
Interrogation Delay helps prevent nuisance tripping
Integral, adjustable anti-short cycle protection
Mode of Operation
Upon application of power to the monitor, and provided all voltages are acceptable, the LED indicator light will glow, indicating that the
output contacts have transferred.
Should a voltage unbalance or high/low voltage condition exist for longer than the 5 sec. interrogation delay, the relay and LED shall
be deenergized. Re-energization is automatic upon correction of the fault condition and after the anti-short cycle time delay period is
complete. Should a fault condition exist upon application of power, the output relay will not energize.
Adjustment: Select the proper operating line voltage. Apply power. If the relay fails to energize, check wiring. Adjust lockout time delay
to desired setting. Each unit is shipped with a detailed Installation guide.
• Line voltage: 95-270 VAC
• Control voltage: 18-240 VAC/VDC
• Line frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
• Type: relay energized upon acceptable line conditions
• Form: single pole double throw (SPDT)
• Ratings: n.o.-5 amps, n.c.-5 amps
Undervoltage Protection
• Voltage dropout: -12.5%
• Voltage pickup: -7.5%
• Operating temperature: -40° to +75°C, -40° to +176°F
• Transient protection: meets IEEE 587 standards for categories A & B without false output or degradation
(6Kv 0.5 μs x 100 KHz ring wave)(6Kv 1.2 x 50 ms impulse wave)
Dimensions: 3.25” x 3” x 1.25”
Overvoltage Protection
• Voltage dropout: +12.5%
• Voltage pickup: +7.5%
• Mounting: surface mount using (4) #8 screws
• Terminations: .25” male quick-connect terminals
Response Times
• Line dropout: .05 sec. (typical)
• Control voltage dropout: .07 sec. (typical)
• Line voltage sag (20%): .5 sec (typical)
• Turn-on: 5 sec. (typical)
Lockout Delay Timer Time delay: adj. 6-600 sec. (+/- 20%)

A-1: EAC-401, 402, 403, 404 DIVERSIFIED: CV-100-RS, CV-200-RS15, CV-200-RS20 MARS: 32522,
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