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DiversiTech Clear-Vue Condensate Pumps

ClearVue™ Pump - No Float, No Problem.
The new ClearVue™ condensate pump from DiversiTech is unlike any other pump available.
ClearVue™ features iQ Technology™ which makes ClearVue™ the smartest condensate
pump on the market. iQ Technology™ provides ClearVue™ the ability to “think” and adapt
to changing conditions. It’s not just off or on like a regular pump. ClearVue™ senses the
amount of condensate water in the tank and its rate of inflow and adjusts its speed and lift to
match the conditions and keep the tank clear. ClearVue™ also features Floatless Sensor™
Technology to detect the water level and rate of inflow, and decide what to do next.
iQ Technology™:
Variable Lift: The variable lift in ClearVue™ assures that the pump impeller is spinning
only as fast as is needed to lift the condensate water to the height needed. A slower
spinning impeller means significantly less noise than conventional condensate pumps.
Variable speed is a proven, quieting feature in furnace blower motors. This electronically
controlled technology is now available in the ClearVue™ Pump.
Self Cleaning: One of the most common problems in condensate removal is the
blockage of a drain line downstream from the condensate pump. Just like DiversiTech’s
popular clog clearing gun, a little bit of pressure is often all that is needed to clear the
clog. By monitoring pumping conditions, ClearVue™ is able to detect when a drain line
is partially or fully clogged. In these instances, ClearVue™ increases the pressure in
the drain line to attempt to clear the clog.
Floatless Sensor™: Conventional pumps use an electro-mechanical float switch to turn a
condensate pump on and off, and to detect a potential overflow condition with a high level
alarm. Electromechanical float switches are prone to mechanical failure, debris fouling,
and misalignment. DiversiTech’s patent pending Floatless Sensor™ eliminates many of the
mechanical problems associated with conventional condensate pumps.
Other high level features include single button drainage, alarm terminals, a reversible
deck, a see-through tank, stainless steel hang tabs, and anti-vibration rubber feet.
Learn more at clearvuepump.com. Patents Pending.
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